Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is one of the most well-known corporations in the consumer sector. The e-commerce company offers a variety of goods and services that enhance user experiences. Prime Video is one of the services provided to Amazon prime members. Amazon Prime is a paid premium membership program that gives Amazon customers access to various services, including Prime Video. Before you pay for the membership, understanding the Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime is essential.

Amazon Prime is a service that provides free and fast shipping and access to streaming media. It costs $119 per year, and you pay an additional $10.00 for expedited shipping. You can also share with up to four other people in your household, which will also reduce the service cost per person by about $20.

The numerous advantages of subscribing to Amazon Prime, otherwise unavailable or at extra cost, are well-known. As a result, it's no surprise that by 2021, the number of Amazon Prime subscribers had risen to 150 million, according to The Verge. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of signing up for Amazon Prime to make your decision.

Some Pros of Amazon Prime membership

Over 200 million people have joined up with Amazon Prime since it was launched in 2005, and the service is still expanding. The website's popularity has aided Jeff Bezos rise to the top of the world's wealthiest individuals. As a regular customer, there are several pros of Amazon Prime membership.

1. Two-day free shipping

This is one of the most important features and benefits of Amazon Prime. With membership, you get free two-day shipping on eligible items with no minimum purchase required. According to Amazon's official website, more than 99 million products are currently listed as eligible for free shipping. Just go to Amazon, enter your zip code to confirm that there are products available in your area.

View all the Amazon prime shipping Options here.

2. Accessing unlimited videos at no additional cost

Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Prime video, part of an extensive library of over 40,000 titles, including movies and TV shows. For a monthly fee of $8.99, non-prime members have access to this library as well as the ability to receive free two-day shipping on their orders from Amazon.

3. Unlimited access to music

Amazon Prime members have unlimited access to stream 40 million songs through Prime Music and download them for offline listening with no ads. This is another perk of being a member of Amazon Prime. In addition, you can also listen to curated playlists based on your favourite artists or genres at no additional cost by going to Amazon's website.

4. Free access to Kindle Books

As a prime member, you're entitled to choose one out of six available books every month through the Kindle First program. Each of these books is first published and can be read on all Amazon devices as well as Kindle readers. The Kindle owners' lending library allows Amazon Prime members to borrow one book a month from over 800,000 titles for free.

5. Unlimited photo storage is one of the main pros of Amazon Prime

One of Amazon's newest features allows you to store your photos in the cloud to access them anywhere at any time. Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB for videos and documents at no additional cost. These files can be viewed directly on Amazon devices such as Fire TV, Echo Show and Kindles or iOS and Android devices using the Amazon Photos app.

Major Drawbacks or Cons of Amazon Prime

On the other hand, Amazon doesn't need any appreciation since it is continuously growing its empire globally. While Amazon Prime has helped millions of people find employment in the software industry and delivery partners, the program's primary focus is on online customers. There are a few cons of Amazon Prime membership.

1. High yearly cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of Amazon Prime is that a year's membership can end up costing you over $119 annually. This makes it a difficult purchase to justify, especially since the streaming services and two-day free shipping still have extra charges outside of your Prime membership fee. The price increased from 60$ in 2014 to 99$ in 2017 - a 50% increase within three years.

2. Limited access to movies and TV shows

If you want more than just a free trial for another service such as Netflix, then Amazon may not be for you if their library does not have all the latest movies or shows you're looking for. Although there are over 40,000 titles currently available on Amazon Prime, there are many more on Netflix.

3. Shipping fees during peak seasons

Amazon uses its own algorithm to determine when certain items will cost extra shipping, fluctuating with demand. This means that sometimes non-Prime members can avoid paying for shipping in certain situations by simply waiting until less in-demand times of year to place their orders.

4. Late delivery is one of the rare cons of Amazon prime

Prime members are usually guaranteed free two-day delivery. Still, with Amazon's new service called Prime Now, orders placed before noon will be delivered within the hour in certain cities for an additional cost of $7.99. Orders using this feature can come later than expected if multiple orders are processed at once, which will delay your order until the next available window when that product is not in demand anymore.

5. Cons of Amazon Prime: You are encouraged to Shop more

The main problem with Amazon is that it has become so good at what it does that sometimes it can just feel like there's no point to even looking anywhere else! Its vast inventory and emphasis on ease of use make shopping online a breeze, which can quickly become a bad thing if you find yourself spending more money on Amazon than anywhere else.

Bottom Line on pros and Cons of Amazon Prime Membership

There are many different options and millions of distinct items accessible, with faster delivery alternatives available. Amazon Prime membership has several benefits, which range from free music to cloud storage. The subscription is a smart alternative for frequent customers who don't want to wait weeks for their orders to arrive. But what if you are forced to shop more than usual? It's better to evaluate Amazon prime pros and cons before signing up for a paid subscription.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disadvantage of Amazon Prime?

One disadvantage of Amazon Prime is that you'll have to pay for the service either monthly or annually. Other customers will spend ?$12.99? per month or $119 per year for the membership.

Do you really save money with Amazon Prime?

According to JPMorgan, your Amazon Prime membership is worth around $785 per year. In addition, prime members receive several advantages for the $119 annual fee or $13 monthly subscription (quite useful).

Which is better Amazon or Amazon Prime? provides standard delivery for items purchased on its website and free, fast, or 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. However, does not ensure that its products will qualify for Amazon Prime perks.

Should I get Prime Video?

Overall, Prime Video is a good choice if you want award-winning TV and the option to keep all of your content in one place. It's also great if you already have an Amazon Prime membership because you won't have to pay extra for streaming Prime Video's included material.

Does Prime give you free shipping?

With Amazon Prime, you may get your items for free when they arrive. Orders of $25 or more of eligible products qualify for a discount on shipping costs. In addition, with Amazon Prime, you receive unlimited two-day delivery on certain items with no minimum purchase required. Add at least $25 worth of eligible products to your cart to place an order.

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