Alteryx Pros and Cons - Advanced Analytics Software

Thousands of thriving companies across the US now rely on Alteryx designer to conduct businesses. Its data blending techniques and mapping capability allow for geospatial analysis to conduct your business intelligence projects smoothly. There are many reasons to add it to your business model. However, it's worth considering Alteryx pros and cons before you do so to decide whether it's a perfect and cost-efficient solution for your organization.

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is an advanced analytics software that uses statistical and predictive modelling, spatial analysis, text mining, and data science techniques to give users the ability to create high-performance apps easily.

This software platform for advanced analytics combines elegant workflow design with sophisticated algorithms to derive deeper insight from disparate data.

Some Alteryx Pros for Business

There are 6,757 companies in the US currently conducting their business through Alteryx, and most of them are from the Software industry. If your organization is specialized in the IT and Financial sectors, you need to look at Alteryx pros since these are the industries with high demand.

1. Easy to Use

Alteryx is a very intuitive and easy to use platform that does not require any software coding or statistical knowledge. It uses a drag-and-drop workflow design for users, which allows them to easily create high-performance apps without having to write a single line of code.

In addition, Alteryx also includes pre-configured templates with step by step instructions which makes it even easier for business users to learn how it works and from where they can derive the most value out of it.

It creates a bridge between ordinary people who do not have enough time or resources but would like to explore data analytics and skilled data science professionals who have the necessary experience and skills in this field.

2. Flexibility is one of Alteryx pros

Alteryx is flexible because it allows you to create different types of projects easily. It can help you make your data visualizations look professional and attractive, which helps the industry take one step closer toward becoming more successful in general.

3. Speed counts among Alteryx pros mostly

Alteryx can process up to 30 times faster than other traditional tools, allowing users to iterate and test out different business scenarios quickly. It can process larger file sizes than other tools, such as up to 50GBs, making it suitable for advanced data analytics use cases.

4. Support for All Types of Data

Alteryx supports all types of data sources and is not limited by any specific databases or formats, making it a great tool, especially when working with big data and streaming data that needs to be integrated into the workflow.

Thus, businesses and companies can leverage from their existing investments in technology without making significant changes in their working procedures or investing in additional software.

Alteryx also provides easy-to-integrate connectors with most relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, or Teradata. Therefore developers can easily migrate codes from different environments which is among many Alteryx pros to consider.

In addition, Alteryx provides a comprehensive range of tools to help users easily build connections between multiple databases.

5. Real-time Collaboration

Alteryx is designed for collaborative working and can be accessed across borders and time zones, allowing teams to work on the same project simultaneously. This way you don’t have to wait for business hours in another location before they can continue with their work on the project.

This feature helps reduce errors and speeds up time-to-solution by allowing everyone on a team to iteratively test business scenarios and models late into the night when there are no such issues as latency or network connectivity bottlenecks.

6. Automated Data Prep

One of the biggest advantages of Alteryx design is that it delivers automated data prep which most tools cannot provide. This feature ensures that business users can quickly turn their raw data into actionable insights without employing anyone who knows how to write code.

7. Straightforward Pricing Model

Alteryx provides straightforward pricing plans, starting at $39/month for the Community Edition with no hidden costs or surprise fees. It also offers a 30-day free trial plan to try out different scenarios and see if the solution fits them before making any additional software licenses investments.

What are Alteryx Cons?

There are also disadvantages for those who use this program regularly as part of their day-to-day work routine. For example, some think its reporting capabilities are not great enough to stand out from other software applications on the market today. Some other limitations of Alteryx include limited features in the free-trial and overpricing.

1. Limited Functionality with the Free Version

This tool's free version has its limitations as it does not allow for very large file sizes or complex data types. However, it can still be used to perform most basic data analysis tasks and is a good option for people new to statistical software and just want to try out different scenarios before making any additional investments in a subscription-based plan.

2. No Good for Data Visualization

Although Alteryx enables users to explore and perform basic data visualizations, it is not a good tool for building complex dashboards or reports. Some of this functionality can be achieved using third-party apps but may require additional plugins to work correctly. These limitations often turn into Alteryx cons for users having a hybrid business model.

3. Vendor Lock-In

Alteryx does provide its proprietary format, which means that you cannot export your results into another visualization program such as Tableau or Microsoft Excel. It also requires an internet connection to work correctly, unlike other tools with a machine learning component.

This means that if your organization does not have an active subscription, you will be unable to use these advanced features without purchasing any additional software licenses.

4. One of Alteryx Cons is it’s Expensive

Alteryx is a little expensive, which can be an issue for those just getting started in the industry. In some cases, you might need to pay as much as 1000+ dollars per year of service from them, but this will depend on how many users you have and what level of support they require.

5. Slow

Alteryx can be a little bit slow when it comes to processing because of the nature of its algorithms. To prevent this from happening too often, you need to make sure that your computer has enough resources available, such as memory and disk space.

6. Difficult to Learn

Many people have been disappointed with Alteryx because it can be a little bit difficult to learn. It has an advanced user interface that requires you to know how data analysis works before using the software properly.

This means that it is not recommended for those just getting started in this industry, which disadvantages them from enjoying its benefits until they get more experience under their belt first.

7. Lack of Transparency is one a few drawbacks of Alteryx Designer

Alteryx is not very transparent. This means that users cannot see exactly what the program does, which can be a problem for people who want total control over their data analytics workflow process. In many cases, you will have to learn from others instead, which disadvantages those using it for a while now because they might know more about how the software works than beginners in this field.

Final Comments on Alteryx Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of Alteryx may scale different to beginners and experienced professionals, respectively. Mostly, it’s the benefits you can expect, being either as the software creates easy-to-use tools within it that allow you to quickly and efficiently achieve reliable statistics.

The disadvantages of using this application include high prices and limited output formats that might make things difficult when trying to transfer the information into different systems.

However, many people still believe otherwise and continue to use it because they find success with this program. You will need to decide for yourself which type of software you would prefer to use to achieve your desired outcome.

Alteryx Pros and Cons - Advanced Analytics Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Alteryx?

The primary benefit of Alteryx's flow-based, visual programming style is that users are intimately linked to the data throughout workflows. As a result, users can quickly assess how data changes with each stage of a process without risk of error.

Is Alteryx a good tool?

There are several reasons to consider adopting Alteryx, whether you're a data scientist, a data analyst or work in an industry where Excel is essential. First, it's a powerful ETL and analytics package that may significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to wrangle, cleanse, and model data.

Why is Alteryx better than Excel?

The limited structured data that Excel may open from local files is relatively low. Data access to a wider variety of sources and structures of data can be expanded by using Alteryx, which provides users with a broad range of data access to numerous sources and data structures.

Can Alteryx do predictive analytics?

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation PlatformTM allows you to use predictive analytics throughout the complete analytics process. All data access, preparation, modeling, and dissemination of analytic findings take place in a single platform that is simple to use.

What is unique about Alteryx?

The unique tool is used to remove duplicate data entries from a dataset. The Unique Tool has one input and two outputs: U, the unique data entries in the dataset, and D, the duplicate data entries. Flowchart of Alteryx's Unique Tool sample workflow.

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