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Have something in mind worth pitching to our readers? Welcome aboard. The tech print media welcomes the aspired Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and Authors for collaboration. You can compile your research into a reader-friendly format to send to us and get yourself featured.

TTP is also meant to propel eminent writers by bringing their work to light, not just avid readers. If your expertise falls in conjunction with any one of the categories listed here, it’s time to get in touch with us.

At The Tech Print Media, our mission is to guide our loveable audience through an increasingly complex digital world by filtering the fluff and providing relevant information. The content detailed here covers verticals around consumer electronic products, smartphones, IoT devices, accessories and, PC hardware parts, headphones, and more. Our goal is to help readers know the best choices by arranging valuable information in our articles.

If you are welcome to publish your articles provided:

  • You are tech-savvy and are familiar with the know-how of the consumer market.
  • You broad knowledge of and interest in technology sector.
  • You enjoy sharing your work and doing your own part of the research.
  • You have a knack for writing crisply and rendering to-the-point details.
  • You like to communicate with the readers.
  • You are capable to delivering clean content free of grammatical errors with accurate and original information.
  • Your write-up meets the requirements in terms of reader friendliness and length.
  • You can follow the current writing trends and are familiar with the buzzwords/jargon used in online platforms.
  • Your content complies with our policy and does not use offensive, hurtful, or distasteful remarks about an individual or an organization.

How your articles are reviewed

  • First up, you are required to get in touch with us via
  • The Tech Print media team editorial team will review your article and proceeds further.
  • The publishing team takes full responsibility to go through the information you have provided and cross-checks the facts.
  • Once the review is done, you can have it published and share your research with the world of readers.

Feel free to reach us and have your concerns put up in a straightforward. We value your precious time and heed to every request. Our team will respond to your queries within 24 hours of receiving your request.

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