Lyft Age Requirement for Drivers and Vehicles

Lyft boasts 30 million riders and two million drivers in the US and Canada. However, overall, there are 4-5 million drivers globally. You can also become a driver for the company and make extra money with your driving skills. But like every gig, you need to meet your city’s as well as the company’s requirements. You must sign up to become a Lyft driver before making money. Also, ensure that you meet all vehicle requirements, including Lyft Age Requirement.

Benefits of being a Lyft Driver

Flexibility and being your own boss are the main benefits of becoming a Lyft driver. You can work when you want because you set your own hours. You can do that if it makes sense for you to spend your afternoons with family and friends. You can also work the weekend shift if you have a job.

You can choose your shifts and the length of work. Although flexibility and being your boss are great benefits, it is essential to be fully informed about all aspects of being a Lyft driver. It can take patience to get started as a Lyft driver. It is a new job, so it may take some time to get the hang of it.

A special type of person is required to drive for Lyft, a ridesharing platform. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to earn your income. Customers will need you to be available every day. You should not be shy if you want to get along with customers and have casual conversations.

You will be delighted with the payment if you can master both the driving skills required to generate fares and the soft skills necessary to bring in great tips.

Lyft Age Requirement and other conditions

Before getting any further, let's review the requirements to become a Lyft driver. Let's take a closer look at each condition to give you an overview. There are many gig opportunities for those who don't meet these requirements.

Lyft age requirement to be a driver

Lyft age requirement for drivers is at least 25 years of age to drive. Lyft allowed 21-year-olds to drive in certain cities. However, they have increased the minimum age limit to 25. NYC drivers can be as young as 19. Uber and delivery gigs require drivers to drive in NYC at least 19 years old.

Vehicle requirements

Checking your vehicle’s health status, insurance status, and other conditions is necessary on your part. Let’s have a close look at each one of them.

The vehicle must have at least 4 doors

A 4-door vehicle that meets local model year requirements. Lyft requires all drivers to have access to a 4-door vehicle with at least 5 seatbelts. Accepted vehicles cannot be 2-door.

Vehicle Age

The Lyft vehicle age requirements vary from one city to the next. Here are some examples of the different vehicle age requirements.

  • California 2002 or Newer (2004 or Newer in Select Cities)
  • Colorado: 2003 or newer
  • Illinois: 2002 and newer
  • New York State: 2003 or newer
  • Vermont: 2008 or newer

The vehicle must have 5-8 Seats

Five seats is the minimum requirement to be a Lyft driver or Uber driver. This means that you must accommodate at least three passengers in the back, one in front, and yourself in your driver's seat. Lyft will require proof of identity and proof you can legally drive a vehicle if you meet these requirements. Lyft also uses these documents to perform background checks (more details later).

Driver and Car’s Documents

Next, ensure you have all the required paperwork to become a Lyft driver. You must be a qualified driver and have an insured vehicle.

To complete your application, upload photos of the following documents:

  • Valid driver's license: The license cannot be renewed. A temporary license can be shown. You must also show your permanent license after you have received it.
  • Valid vehicle registration and license plate: In some states, you may need documentation from the state. You can also use commercial plates.
  • Car insurance policy valid: Your name must appear on the policy.
  • Driver photo: Lyft will require you to upload a photo for your profile. It's your icebreaker for all your passengers who book a ride with Lyft.
  • Additional Documents: Varies depending on the state.

Lyft DMV Check

You must check your driving record before you can drive for Lyft. They want to make sure you are a safe driver. Nobody wants to be in a car driven by a reckless driver. You will be allowed to drive if you have not been convicted of serious driving offenses.

Lyft has certain standards that you must meet to become a driver. Your application won't likely be approved if you don't meet these standards. Lyft will also check to see if you comply with applicable state, provincial, and local regulations. Lyft has some assistance from a third-party company that performs the driving record check.

This company is looking at your records to determine if you are not eligible to be a Lyft driver. You must have a clean driving record to pass the DMV inspection. Lyft has the right to terminate its relationship with you if you have any driving offenses that include them or if there is a safety concern. Lyft will notify you if you fail the DMV inspection. Lyft will email you a copy and instructions for disputing any information in the report.

Background Check by LYFT

Besides Lyft age requirement, you must also go through several background checks to verify that you are trustworthy as a driver.

Your riders will feel secure with the criminal background check. You can be sure they are being transported by someone you trust. Lyft's main requirement is a criminal record.

You don't need to be concerned if you haven't been convicted of any crime. Lyft will need your Social Security Number to conduct a background check.

Lyft will give the number to the third-party company that conducts the check. Lyft will not approve your application if you do not meet Lyft’s standards or any regulations in your state, province, or city. Lyft checks for criminal history and driving-related incidents.

They use both national and county databases to run the check. They might also look at courthouse records dating back seven years or longer.

If you are involved in the following:

  • Violent crimes (assault, robbery, battery, murder, etc.)
  • Infractions and crimes that are related to sex
  • Disqualifying felonies
  • Disqualifying drug and drug-related offenses
  • Disqualifying offenses and theft or property damage.

Detailed Vehicle Inspection

You may be required to perform a vehicle inspection. Lyft-approved mechanics must conduct this inspection in your locality. This inspection will ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition.

You should not damage your vehicle. Safety features such as brake lights, turn signals, and seat belts must work properly. Lyft wants your vehicle to be in a safe condition and pass all state vehicle age requirements.

Phone Requirements

To use the Lyft driver application without difficulties, you must have the latest software installed on your smartphone. Your phone will serve as your GPS throughout your shifts, so it is important to have a working smartphone that is up-to-date and in good condition. If you own an android, it must be Android 8 or above, and if it's an iPhone, it should be iOS 11 or higher.

Conclusion of LYFT Requirements

Once you have a good understanding of Lyft's driving requirements, you can now get on the road. You now have the perfect opportunity to make extra income with your flexible work schedule. You should be able to pick up your first rider as soon as possible, provided you have a clean criminal history, a good driving record, and have met the Lyft age requirement.

Lyft Age Requirement for Drivers and Vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lyft count international driving experience?

Lyft does not consider the international driving experience and driver's licenses. Even if your driving experience is extensive, Lyft requires that you have at least one year of US driver's license history.

Do you need an in-state license to qualify for Lyft?

It all depends on where you are going to drive. Lyft, for example, requires California drivers to have a California driver's license. Lyft does not require drivers to have an in-state license from other states. To view license requirements for your area, go to the Lyft Application Requirements page. Scroll down to your state.

Does your vehicle need in-state plates?

It all depends on where you live and your driving state. Lyft drivers in California must have California plates, while those in other states do not. To check if you require in-state plates, go to the Lyft application requirements webpage and scroll down to your state.

Does the vehicle have to be registered in your name to qualify for Lyft?

Lyft doesn't require that your car be registered under your name. However, you must have insurance to drive the car. You qualify if you are a named driver on the vehicle's insurance policy. A leased vehicle or one with a lien (loan) can be driven.

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