Pros and Cons of Netflix vs Hulu

It might be difficult to compare the pros and cons of Netflix vs Hulu if you're trying to evaluate which one is superior. However, you'll believe that most things are the same when looking at the characteristics of these two streaming devices. Both provide a wide range of TV shows and movies for you to choose from. You can look at their advantages and disadvantages regarding subscription cost, user interface, and customization.

The first thing to note is that there can be no definitive winner in the Hulu vs. Netflix fight. Although the fundamentals of the two streaming services are similar, they differ greatly in many aspects. Which one is best for you depends on various criteria, including how much money you want to spend and what kinds of shows you enjoy watching.

Of course, the ideal platform is determined by each individual's preferences. Which one is superior for you: Hulu or Netflix? Let's have a detailed look. This post goes over all of these subjects and more. We look at the similarities and differences between Hulu and Netflix to assist you in determining which one is preferable for you. Let's get started.

Some notable Pros of Netflix

As the records indicate, the global Netflix users as of 2020 account to around 193 million, with 73 million paid subscribers present in the US only. The OTT platform is accessible in 190 countries, making it the best top contender in the entertainment business. Here are some of the pros of Netflix to consider while comparing it with other OTTs.

1. Original content

Netflix has been raking in the awards lately due to hosting original and HD-quality content. Their original content is getting highly acclaimed and can compete with any TV show or movie on cable television.

Netflix originals like Orange Is The New Black, Making a Murderer, Stranger Things, and Narcos have all won numerous prestigious accolades, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics' Choice Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

2. Extensive library

Like Hulu, not only does Netflix offer its own selection of on-demand content but also provides access to hundreds of other popular channels through add-ons such as HBO and Showtime. This makes it an affordable one-stop shop for all your TV and movie-watching needs.

3. Wide range of viewing options are noted pros for Netflix

Like Hulu, Netflix streaming services come in different plans: Basic, which allows you to watch on only one screen at any given time; Standard, which enables two screens simultaneously; and Premium, which supports four screens in the household at once. So whether you want to use your Netflix streaming service on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet, you can pick and choose which plan to subscribe to.

4. Instant access to your favorite shows and movies

There's nothing worse than when you're eagerly anticipating a certain show or movie to be released on DVD but not being able to watch it because Netflix has not acquired the streaming rights yet. With Netflix - no such problem exists. If it is on another streaming platform such as Amazon Prime, they will eventually get it too. After all, having new content updates is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

5. Interactive yet simple user interface

Netflix has a beautifully designed interface that is simple and intuitive. Using their service is just as straightforward as watching TV on cable. It's even better because there are no commercials in between your programs or movies. Such pros of Netflix are worth bringing to the debate while discussing Netflix vs Hulu.

Concerning Cons of Netflix

From accessibility to family-friendliness, there are several other factors to consider the cons of Netflix. Some of its limitations often push viewers to switch to its alternative OTTs.

1. Netflix is not available everywhere

Currently, Netflix services are available in 190 countries, which means, if you are not living in the whitelisted countries, there is no way to access premium Netflix services.

The streaming service is only available in a limited number of countries, and that it costs a lot more to stream if you don't have the basic package. In addition, some users find that the video quality on Netflix isn't always up to par.

2. Not a good option for families

Netflix isn't a great option for family viewing. Unlike broadcast television, the shows and movies on Netflix aren't rated by age-appropriate categories.

Due to lack of censorship, there's no way to restrict what your child watches based on their age without completely restricting them from watching any show or movie whatsoever.

3. Less live TV features are the main cons of Netflix

The traditional TV model is "if it's playing, we'll put it on." So if you miss an episode of your favorite TV show, you can set your DVR to record that program and then catch up later when you have time. With Netflix, you can't do this.

If you miss a show when it's streaming live through Netflix, then that's it -- you won't be able to watch it until the next season starts airing on TV or the service adds that particular show to its archives in its streaming library.

4. No pausing live TV

Netflix does not allow users to pause whatever they're watching and pick up in the same place later. If Netflix is detecting any kind of irregularity in your internet connection speed at all, such as if your computer goes to sleep or if you temporarily lose your WiFi signal, then it will interrupt what you're watching and suggest similar programming until your connection clears back up again.

5. Not an offline solution

Netflix is not an offline-friendly service, so there's no downloading content to watch later when you don't have internet access. So instead, the only options are to either stream whatever you want to watch through your current internet connection or wait until a later date where you have internet access again and then catch up on whatever programs you missed. Dependency on the internet is one of the leading cons of Netflix subscription.

Pros of Hulu as an alternative to Netflix

Hulu is currently available in the United States and military bases only, so if you are looking to access it, you can try a VPN service. Also, the OTT platform currently has around 50 million subscribers. However, if you reside in the US, Hulu has many pros over Netflix to consider.

1. The ads are short and few in between

The biggest pet peeve with cable is the sheer amount of ads. There's always a different ad before and after every show. But Hulu is completely commercial-free. Since the only revenue comes from subscribers, Hulu doesn't need to plaster you with ads to make money.

2. You can watch your favorite shows smoothly

This benefit goes hand in hand with the previous point. Knowing that there won't be any ads means you will be more willing to stay through long commercial breaks to get back to my favourite TV series as soon as possible.

In contrast, if you have to watch ads, it makes you want to wait until the episode is aired on Netflix to binge-watch without being interrupted by commercials - which usually takes months later anyway.

3. Hulu gets new content faster than cable

Once cable shows and seasons end, you have to wait months and sometimes years for the next season to come out. But with Hulu, you can watch your favorite programs as soon as they leave Netflix. Hulu also gets new releases faster than any other streaming service.

4. Customizable plans are notable pros of Hulu Service

Ads are annoying, but sometimes they're also kind of helpful since they tell us about new products we will probably like. If you don't mind watching some commercials, then the traditional $7.99/month is just fine for you and it’s still cheaper than paying for cable TV.

On the other hand, if you want to silence all ads and buy your TV shows and movies in HD with the PlayOn app, it will cost you an extra $4.99/month for a total of $12.98, but the Hulu (No Ads) features are well worth the price.

5. Hulu is widely available on most devices

The OTT service is widely available on smart TVs, Roku players, Chromecast, PS4 & XBOX One consoles. Cable boxes work only on one set of equipment - they won't function at all on anything else. This is not true for Hulu; their streaming service works fine no matter what device you choose to use. It's compatible with almost every device out there, so it's easy to watch your favourite show anywhere you want.

Major Cons of Hulu OTT Service

Many cons are worth putting into light when there’s a debatable discussion on the pros and cons of Netflix vs Hulu. The service is accessible and has a low subscriber count. Apart from that, you can’t access it through IPTV.

1. Limited Availability

Hulu is only available in the US and Puerto Rico. It does not stream titles like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can't access this streaming service if you live abroad. There's also a limited library of movies and TV shows.

2. Ads are the main cons of Hulu

Hulu is typically ad-supported. Hulu Plus subscribers get fewer ads, but you still have to watch some ads. There's also a limit of how many devices you can stream content with on the same account; after that, it will cost $9.99 for more device streaming access. This applies even if there are no ads in the TV show or movie you're watching.

3. No downloading

Hulu does not support the ability to download shows or movies for offline viewing. However, Netflix has added this feature to its service. This allows you to watch your favourite TV show or movie without an internet connection, making it great for flights and travelling.

4. Strict Regional Restrictions

To use Hulu in different countries, you have to use a VPN service (which is not guaranteed to work either). With the VPN software installed on your computer, choose a location in America and connect with it before accessing Hulu's website. It is also known as geo-blocking. People looking for high-quality videos should opt for other video streaming services that don't have these restrictions.

5. Limited streaming quality

Netflix allows you to choose the video quality, while Hulu does not, and this pretty much winds up the topic on the Pros and cons of Netflix of Hulu.

However, Netflix doesn't allow HD streaming on smartphones or tablets. The tablet version of Netflix is only available in the US and UK, but it will work internationally if you use a VPN service to connect with either of these countries.

Any other device can be used to access Netflix anywhere, even if they are connected outside the US or UK, by using a free trial for one of our recommended VPN Services.

Netflix vs Hulu

A comprehensive review of Netflix's ever-increasing library and original programming give it a significant advantage over other streaming services, but it is not without its faults and limitations.

If you're considering whether to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, the answer really depends on your personal preferences and viewing habits because both services have several similarities as well as quite a few differences.

All in all, it seems that many people feel as though Netflix is slightly superior to its alternatives such as Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Netflix is different from other platforms including the number of subscribers count, cost, content originality, and finally, accessibility.

Final Verdict on Netflix vs Hulu

Netflix has become much more than just a simple streaming service. It is now an entire platform where you can watch TV series and films, including award-winning originals, documentaries, anime, stand-up comedy, etc.

On the plus side, you can also create your own content by sharing it with friends or other community members. You can do all that using several different devices such as your PC, tablet, smartphone.

Free Trial Available Netflix provides you with a free month to test out its services before making any financial commitment. If you are not satisfied with their performance at the end of this period, simply cancel before your next payment is due.

Netflix vs Hulu: how are they similar?

Netflix has a wide range of shows and movies to choose from for many people; the main reason they subscribe to a streaming service is for its large selection of TV series and films.

As previously mentioned, both platforms have great libraries where you can browse their respective content by genre. For years now, Netflix has been the most popular platform in the U.S., with Hulu not too far behind.

Both services are compatible on several devices

All three major online streaming services are available on multiple operating systems. You can watch Netflix or Hulu using your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV box, Chromecast, Xbox One, Playstation 3/4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and most recently smart TVs.

They both provide personalized recommendations

Based on your taste in movies and series and what your friends like to watch, they will give you tailored suggestions for content that you might be interested in. These suggestions are displayed on the home page of each service.

Easy-to-use platforms

These streaming services have simple user interfaces where finding new shows is very easy. In addition, all episodes of a series or film are placed next to one another, so it's easier to keep track of where you were up to.

What really makes them stand out from their competitors is how they curate their content.

Availability of TV series and films

A big selling point of both Netflix and Hulu is their ability to deliver new episodes of your favourite shows as soon as possible after they air on TV. This service also applies to movies that you might not get through a cable or other streaming services such as Amazon Prime.

They will even let you know when a sequel to a show that you liked becomes available so that you can watch it without missing any part of the story arc.

Netflix vs Hulu: which one should I choose?

Of course, many other factors determine which streaming platform is right for you but understanding what separates Netflix from Hulu will go a long way in helping you make your decision.

Remember that neither of them has an abundance of content compared with cable television. So, if you like watching random things at any given time, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, people who like TV series or sports should focus their attention on Hulu because Netflix does not broadcast live events.

Pros and Cons of Netflix vs Hulu

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netflix better than Hulu?

If you're looking for a streaming service with many hours of entertainment, Netflix is the way to go. Netflix is ideal for families since it allows you to watch on up to four devices instead of Hulu's two. But if you opt to subscribe to Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ together, it might also be excellent for families.

Which is better Prime or Netflix or Hulu?

Amazon and Hulu have been catching up to Netflix in terms of quality. One of the most highly regarded current TV series, The Handmaid's Tale, is a Hulu original and exclusive to the platform. However, when it comes to streaming services producing their own programming, Netflix is far ahead.

What does Hulu have that Netflix doesnt?

The largest number of current TV series and movies can be found on Netflix, whereas Hulu Plus has a larger current-season TV show collection but fewer movies. One disadvantage with Hulu Plus is advertising; while Netflix provides an ad-free experience, it does have advertisements.

Why do people choose Netflix over other streaming services?

Netflix is still the most popular way to watch television and movies, thanks to its simplicity, lack of advertisements, and unique content. The greatest method to watch TV online is streaming shows and films over the internet, and Netflix is the finest option for streaming entertainment.

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