Top Baddie Instagram Names to Choose from

Instagram crossed over a billion monthly active users in 2021 and is projected to reach 1.5 billion in the next five years. These many users are a definite example of why people, especially youth, have an interest in IG. You can get a name and fame and be a celebrity-like figure for your followers. There is a trend being spotted among users when it comes to choosing Instagram names. Nobody wants to have a boring one, after all. If you are new to the Gen Z social network, you'd likely choose Baddie Instagram Names rather than going just simple.

Why people love baddie names on Insta?

There are a few reasons why you might choose baddie names for your Instagram accounts. Maybe you want your name to be unique or edgy, looking to make your appearance rather more casual. There's a certain part that you need to understand; If you can attract followers, nothing can stop you from getting attention from brands (Seriously) .

When it comes to creating a brand for yourself on Instagram, one of the first things you need to do is choose a username that represents who you are and what you're all about. And if you're looking to project a bad-ass image, then you'll need a bad-ass username to follow it. Here are some of the top baddie Instagram names to choose from:

  1. "The Baddest"
  2. "Bad to the Bone"
  3. "Dangerous"
  4. "Rebel"
  5. "Wild child"
  6. "Risky"
  7. "Outlaw"
  8. "Troublemaker"
  9. "Sinner"
  10. "Wanted"
  11. "Criminal"
  12. "Thug"
  13. "Gangster"
  14. "Mafia"
  15. "Outlawz"
  16. "Sinners"
  17. "Villains"
  18. "Delinquents"
  19. "Devils"
  20. "Crooks"

Other Baddie Names for Instagram

  1. "Igname_that_cant_be_pronounced"
  2. "My_parents_were_high"
  3. "Weirdo alert!!"
  4. "Imma just be me"
  5. "This is my Insta name"
  6. "randomness overload!!"
  7. ”CrazyCatLady89"
  8. "ImNotNormal"
  9. "#Nofilterneeded"
  10. "Instagramaddict"
  11. "#selfieproblems"
  12. "Obsessed with Instagram"
  13. "I live for likes"
  14. "Posting my life away"
  15. "Hashtag addict"
  16. "I heart filters"
  17. "Can't live without Instagram"
  18. "Instagram obsessed"
  19. "#instaholic"
  20. "Always on Instagram"
  21. "IG = life"
  22. "#Instagramjunkie"
  23. "Addicted to posting"
  24. "Hashtags are my life"
  25. "#filterfanatic"
  26. "I can't help it, I love Instagram!"
  27. "No shame in my Insta-game"
  28. "#proudinstagrammer"
  29. "Not ashamed to admit it, I'm an Instagram addict!"

These are just a few of the many baddie Instagram names you can consider unique options for your IG account. So if you're looking to create an edgy, dangerous, and rebellious brand, these are the perfect names for you. So go ahead and choose one that represents who you are and what you're all about. And make sure to let your followers know that you're someone not to be messed with.

Top Baddie Instagram Names to Choose from

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