Pros and Cons of Snapchat

As a social media disruptor, Snapchat has begun to gain popularity. The business almost reached its first year of $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2017 and after that business is increasing day by day. Despite these astounding numbers, only 1% of marketers really use the platform to connect with customers. Considering how involved platform users are, that is a bit unexpected.

In the modern era, Every day millions of individuals use Snapchat. They are seeing trillions of photos that have been shared as tales or moments. Even though the users are mostly younger, elderly people are starting to use the site.

Snapchat has the ability to be creative more than other social networking sites. You may have a lot of fun with the editing and filtering options. Although changing faces is a common option, you can also add hats, alter your head size, and have your films play backward. It is also able to add doodles, writings, and other overlays.

What is Snapchat?

”Snapchat” is a well-known messaging program that enables users to exchange snaps, which are intended to disappear after being viewed. Because the primary usage is to shoot photos or videos, edit them with filters, lenses, or other effects, and share them with others, it is promoted as a "new type of camera." Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat that you should consider if you're considering joining for the first time.

Pros of Snapchat

In 2022, 530 million individuals will use Snapchat, according to research from Statistics. The number of users on Snapchat is growing daily. Let's look at Snapchat's advantages, which may explain why more people are using Snapchat.

1. It's a Simple Approach to Delivering an Experience

Every social media platform enables users to interact with one another or discover the advantages and disadvantages of a product that they're considering purchasing. When using Snapchat, the atmosphere is more relaxed and casual than what Facebook or Twitter offered. It's an opportunity for someone to give a chance to feel familiar, which makes it simpler to establish connections between people and businesses. It is one of the simplest methods to establish credibility with Youngsters.

2. The App Supports Geofilter Usage

Snapchat provides "geofilters" or location-specific filters, to users for the locations they visit. The filter activates when you enter a specific location, allowing you to add fun-loving graphics to each photograph. Businesses may even transform their logo into a filter for people to let customers know when they have reached an authorized region for your geofilter. Businesses have the chance to boost brand recognition when customers share their experiences.

3. Customers may Get in Touch with Businesses Directly

Customers may interact with companies on the Snapchat app by responding to their stories or sending them personal snaps. Companies can also snap their own businesses. Consumers must take a photo of themselves with a corporate product as part of many businesses' promotions. Because they receive something in return from you, this makes it simpler for consumers to promote your business.

4. You Can See Who is Looking at Your Snaps

The first social networking site that lets you know who has viewed your snaps is Snapchat. In other words, when people view your photographs online, "lurkers" can no longer hide in the background. That informs you if you should be worried about anybody in particular if you are looking at it personally. Additionally, from a commercial standpoint, it helps you learn more about your outreach because you can view post-interactions without the other party taking any action.

5. Snapchat Compiles the Snaps from Particular Occasions to Create Unique Stories

This function may be the Snapchat feature that users adore the most. The site will gather photos from users who participate in an event you attend with lots of individuals. The entire collection of photos is then combined into a single, publicly accessible story. Similar to looking for a hashtag on Instagram, but with live images or videos from other people's perspectives. Even if you are strangers in real life, it gives a method for everyone to feel more connected with one another.

6. Snapchat's Commercial Content Feels Less Intrusive

There is a post that stands out when you go through your Facebook page. When you turn to face the corner, you notice "sponsored content." The possibility is that you found that advertising after conducting a comparable online or mobile phone. People seem to naturally look for advertisements on Snapchat. Pictures, videos, and teasers all seem to be typical elements of using the app.

Cons of Snapchat

According to Business Insider, ABC News, and Psychology Today, teenagers may find Snapchat "addictive" and it is not recommended that they use it excessively. But exactly the opposite is taking place. The following are the drawbacks of using this app.

1. The Snapchat User Base is Rather Small

Even though Snapchat is projected to cross the $1 billion mark in 2018 or 2019, this social media site only has a small viewership. The typical Snapchat user is in the age range of 12 to 34. This is how most social media sites get their start, including Facebook, which was first popular among college students but is now used by 62% of adults.

2. Snapchat Doesn't Offer Many Analytics Options

You may engage with this social media platform by seeing screenshots or views of posted photographs. Along with the stories of the photographers, information is provided regarding who views clips or sections of your story. These are referred to as ratings, and they are the sole type of customer feedback that is currently available on this platform from a marketing perspective.

3. Snapchat Stories are Only Accessible for a Brief Period of Time

You can choose to store your movies or pictures. The shared material is visible to people who follow your stories for a maximum of 24 hours. That indicates that your stuff is lost every day. You are compelled to provide fresh material every day for your followers if you want to continue to be relevant in terms of marketing. This gives you the ability to naturally conduct limited-time promotions, but it also raises the possibility that your content could soon become outdated.

4. The Majority of Snapchat Material is Meaningless

Snapchat sharing is most appropriately categorized as "Internet pollution." You'll see pictures and videos of individuals putting on clothing, singing in the car, or snapping selfie after selfie. The majority of users of the app provide information that enables them to interact with family and friends in a way that lets everyone see details of normal, everyday life. Snapchat may seem like a huge time waster if you aren't interested in that kind of content.

5. The Snapchat User Interface Occasionally has Issues

Snapchat requires you to swipe a lot more than other applications or social networking sites. Not many buttons need to be clicked. Simply swipe in one direction or the other to access the menus or features you choose. Snapchat could bring you somewhere you don't want to be since it responds to your hand gestures. Then, in order to get where you want to go, you have to swipe back and then swipe again.

6. In Comparison to Other Social Networking Sites, Adding Friends on Snapchat is More Difficult

You connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media by looking up their real names. There are three ways to add friends to your Snapchat contact list. You need to be aware of their Snapchat ID, own their Snapcode (a QR code), or have their contact details saved on your phone. That's because they receive your snaps immediately, just as how you need their phone number to SMS them. Without it, you won't be able to communicate.

From a commercial perspective, it implies you have to use your QR code to advertise yourself on other social networking sites in order to market your Snapchat account. That implies you're duplicating your audience, which makes it seem like a waste of money in many ways.


The advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat provide a fun method to communicate with individuals and groups utilizing an image-based platform comparable to Instagram. It is still evolving and creating its identity, similar to other new social media platforms, therefore a smaller audience may access it. Everyone should consider Snapchat's modern aesthetic and unique outreach potential, whether they utilize it for personal or professional purposes.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does Snapchat offer?

Social media is available always and is simple to use. This is where Snapchat comes in, allowing people to swiftly and maybe briefly communicate with others who share their interests. Thanks to all the entertaining filters that can be added to images and videos, it's also free entertainment.

Why do adults use Snapchat?

Snapchat is frequently used by people when out with their friends. This is perhaps because people frequently use it to document special moments with individuals who are dear to them. 14% of people use Snapchat when at social gatherings, while 19% use it while shopping.

Is Snapchat secure or not?

You and your friends' Snaps and Chats, including Voice and Video Chats, are private; we don't go through their content to build profiles or provide you with advertisements. This means that unless you explicitly tell us (for instance, if you choose to get Voice Chat transcripts), we usually aren't aware of what you're saying or Snapping.

What are Snapchat's three features?

Although Snapchat's original focus was on private, person-to-person photo sharing, you may now use it for a variety of purposes, including as sending films, live video conferencing, texting, generating Bitmoji-like caricature avatars, and sharing a chronological story that is broadcast to all of your followers.

Is Snapchat a cause for concern?

Furthermore, 80% agreed that someone who is too interested in Snapchat is a warning sign. According to users, not only does it maybe suggest that the individual is self-centered, but it also increases the chances that they would flirt and cheat.

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