Pros and Cons of Deleting Social Media

You vow, "I'm giving up social media. You suddenly experience a sense of liberation as you stop caring about opinions, likes, and who's doing what. Your posture straightens out when you stop hunching over your phone, lengthening your spine and giving you an inch more height than before. You float away from the never-ending scroll and arrive at a mountain trailhead. You spend your leisure time taking walks in meadows, journaling, meditating, having lengthy talks, and "being present" a lot.

At least, that's what some of the blog entries that claim "I abandoned social media, and it revolutionized my life" would have you think. Giving up social media alone won't help you fully realize your potential. Yet that doesn't always imply that the concept is without validity.

No one modification will significantly impact your entire life regarding enhancing your health and fitness (We know. We apologize. We had high hopes that it would be green smoothies. Several minor behavioral adjustments that result in helpful habits produce a sustained effect. Can one of those adjustments be giving up social media? Absolutely. According to some studies, social media may hurt us in several ways.

Yet, that doesn't imply it's all terrible, and completely cutting it off might have good and bad consequences for your life. Here are the Pros and Cons of Deleting Social Media.

Pros of Deleting Social Media

1. Extra Time

Holy crap, until I deleted Facebook and YouTube from my life, I did not know how much time I had wasted on them. Yet it makes sense. After all, a social media firm wants to increase users' time on its platform. Also, these businesses employ thousands of very intelligent workers in an uncharted pitch, and they are eager to employ every trick in the book to get us to utilize their services more and more. Simply put, the odds are against them.Removing social media allows us to reclaim our spare time.

2. Less Manipulation

Nothing keeps us engaged better than playing to our darkest impulses and basest habits, which is why the algorithms that determine what information we view on social networking platforms are engineered to promote engagement. Twitter determines our opinions and displays information that incites fury and self-righteousness to keep us on the platform longer. It pushes us to call out and disgrace "the enemy," separates us into tribes, and sends us to battle with one another.

3. Increase Attention

It broke the large blocks of time required to conduct our best work into ragged periods of less than an hour when we use social media often. Social media effectively teaches our minds to search for a diversion after a short while. Abandoning it helps restore our ability to go deep.

4. More Self-Assurance

Social media makes everyone else's highlight reel available to us, and when we contrast it with our blooper reel, we feel lacking. We somehow know this while simultaneously unaware of it because the well-groomed lives we present on social media are about as authentic as a Rolex purchased from a street seller. Before I stopped using social media, I was unaware of how much social comparison I was doing.

Cons of Deleting Social Media

1. Less Publicity

You must use social media to connect with others (or so the conventional wisdom goes). I write for myself and to share ideas with the world; I have no aspirations to make money from this site. Many more people would read my stuff if I were active on social media. I'm ready to make the compromise, but it is a tradeoff. Social networking might help if you want to gain greater visibility.

2. Lesser Interaction With Friends

Without social media, staying in contact with pals is more difficult. I'm unsure if I agree with those who teach that the superficial friendships social media keeps alive aren't worth keeping. Although I remain in contact with my closest friends, I am considerably less informed of what is going on in their daily lives.

There are also those former acquaintances with whom I've lost all contact, and I wish that weren't the case. It resolved the issue via social media, which has not been done since I stopped using it.

3. Lack of Trend Knowledge

Working with college kids all day and reading the news is beneficial. Yet I'm not as informed on the most recent changes in internet culture.

4. Less Networking

I'm especially worried about this one. Do giving up social media have long-term career costs? There could be. A strong professional network is essential, and without social media, it would be much more difficult to stay in touch with past coworkers and conference attendees.


Is it time to give up social media? It's difficult to say. If you have a choice-virtually everyone does - you must consider it seriously. Even though you'll be less connected, you'll be more productive and maybe even happier. Consider going black for a week or two, then evaluate the consequences. You can always turn around. You might not, though.

Pros and Cons of Deleting Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing social media make sense?

Absolutely. According to some studies, social media may hurt us in several ways. Yet, that doesn't imply it's all terrible, and completely cutting it off might have good and bad consequences for your life.

What benefits may you get from deleting your social media accounts?

Even for an extended period, avoiding social media offers many advantages. I get much better sleep. Decreases stress. Prevents psychological anguish, anxiety, and depression. Increases mental health and reduces anxiety.

Can we survive without social media?

Social networking is unnecessary for a happy existence. You'll find the time you didn't realize you had when you spend less time on social media, the time you can use to do the things that make you genuinely happy.

Why did social media make life better?

Without social media, it would expose us to less negative and false information, lowering our general anxiety, melancholy, and dread. Whenever we open Facebook or Instagram, we see someone who is more attractive, more appealing than us, or having more fun.

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