Pros and Cons of Discord

Discord boasts a whopping 250 million registered users, with 15 million of them being weekly active users, indicating its immense popularity among internet users. Since its launch in 2012, Discord has evolved from a VoIP platform to a social media platform with various features such as text messaging, video streaming, video calling, and voice calls. Nevertheless, there are still some who have yet to hop on board. Some are unaware of the advantages of using the platform, while others may be apprehensive about any potential disadvantages. It is crucial for these users to understand the pros and cons before making a decision.

What are the Pros of Discord?

Using Discord is beneficial for almost everyone. Here are some reasons why it's worth using the platform.

1. User-Friendly

Discord is known for being user-friendly. The application is designed in a way that even those without technical expertise can easily use it. Additionally, new users receive a simple tutorial to help them navigate and become familiar with the platform. The platform can be accessed by users worldwide, even those without technical knowledge. Additionally, users can use the application in 29 different languages, making it even more user-friendly.

2. It’s Free to use

You don't have to pay to use Discord and can access almost all of its features for free. Some features are only available to Discord Nitro users, but they aren't necessary for using the platform. Additionally, there are no limits on platform features such as voice and video calling and streaming, and there are no monthly fees for using them. This means that everyone can use Discord without any restrictions.

3. Customization is one of the commendable pros of Discord

The platform offers various customization options, including a light and dark mode. Users can modify basic and advanced features according to personal preferences. Additionally, users can add extra functionality by connecting their bots or using premade ones, such as playing YouTube songs, getting news, and connecting to game servers.

4. Security

Discord is secure and offers two-factor authentication to protect user accounts. Additionally, the platform also has measures in place to stop trolls from harassing other users, as well as report and ban bots that are used for malicious purposes.

5. Plenty of Communities

Discord has a wide variety of communities that users can join and engage with others. These include gaming, music, art, programming, and educational communities among many others. Users can also create their own community and invite new members to it. This provides a great platform for finding like-minded people who might share similar interests.

What are the Cons of Discord?

Despite its many advantages, there are some potential drawbacks to making use of Discord.

1. Not suitable for sensitive topics

Although Discord does offer security features, it is not suitable for discussing sensitive topics because conversations can easily be seen by anyone in a server or within a group chat. This makes it difficult to keep personal data private on the platform. Therefore, it's important to think twice before sharing any potentially sensitive information on Discord.

2. Limited moderation

Discord offers limited moderation tools, which means that servers can quickly become chaotic if not properly managed. If there is no clear moderation policy in place, users are left to their own devices and may cause disruption or post offensive material without consequence. It's therefore important for moderators to be active and enforce the rules to keep the server safe and organized.

3. Cons of Discord with Poor Call Quality

Discord's call quality can sometimes be problematic, with reports of sporadic drops in quality. Technical problems can occur on any platform, but they seem to be more frequent on Discord. As a result, some users may be dissatisfied with the quality and prefer alternative platforms that offer better call quality. This could be disappointing for those who rely on high-quality calls.

4. Limited Channel Library

Discord allows for voice, video, and text communication. If you have been an admin of a busy server, you likely know that the chat channel can become chaotic. It can also be difficult to catch up on text conversations if you join in after they have started.

5. Tiered Pricing

Although the basic features are free, Discord offers a tiered pricing structure for its Nitro and Nitro Classic members. This may be off-putting to some users who want access to more advanced features but don't want to pay for them. In addition, if you decide to upgrade later on, transferring all of your channels and settings from the free version might be difficult due to limited customization options.

Pros and Cons of Discord – Conclusion

After delving into the pros and cons of Discord, it is clear that there are many advantages as well as a few key disadvantages when considering this type of platform. Discord offers an extensive array of features including its user-friendly interface and low cost maintenance, making it a great option for those looking to communicate with others.

However, if security and privacy are important considerations, then other options might be worth exploring. Despite the drawbacks, the overall appeal and accessibility make Discord an appealing choice for many people. With its inviting atmosphere, vast feature set, and reasonable cost, choosing Discord can provide an ideal way to connect with friends and family from any location.

As technology continues to evolve and more platforms become available, Discord remains one of the top choices for millions of users around the world – giving you all the power to chat at your fingertips.

Pros and Cons of Discord

Frequently Asked Questions

What are positive things about Discord?

Discord's biggest advantage is how effortless it is to link up with other users. Discord stands out as the top voice communication platform among all the messaging apps available because of its use of voice channels. This feature enables users to chat with others on a server via voice without disrupting other users.

Is Discord good for students?

Due to its widespread use among students and its independence from social media platforms, Discord is an efficient communication tool. Additionally, it's easily accessible from any device, free of cost, and free of advertisements.

Is Discord safe privacy?

If you use Discord on anything other than a web browser, your messages will go through their servers. Discord's Privacy & Safety Policy allows you to consent to using your collected data, but it does not specify if data is being collected.

What should you not do on Discord?

Please refrain from engaging in trolling, baiting, or any conversations with malicious intent, including posting provocative statements to elicit a reaction. Avoid spamming or making loud, disruptive noises during voice chats. If there is background noise, please use push to talk.

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