Pros and Cons of Apple Laptop

Is Apple Macbook worth it? Professionals turn to Apple laptops for immense computing power, sleek design, and creative tools, but they come with unique pros and cons. Apple has certainly been known for leading the market with innovative and powerful products, but is it worth investing in an expensive MacBook when you have better alternatives? It's important to consider all the factors before you pay for a brand-new MacBook. Let's understand what you should know about the pros and cons of Apple Laptop.

What are the Pros of Apple Laptop?

You must have known how badly everyone wants an Apple MacBook. Unique UI and sturdy design are what make them highly sought-after laptops, but what makes them so lovable? Here are some advantages of Apple laptop.

1. Amazing Design

Laptop durability is a major concern for many users. While using public transportation, laptops are designed for on-the-go usage, which can result in physical damage, such as drops and bumps.

Fortunately, MacBook laptops are built to withstand daily use, as evidenced by their internal components. For example, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air feature solid-state drives, further complementing their design and making them noise-free. This feature minimizes the risk of read/write errors and memory corruption, even if the MacBook is physically impacted.

In addition, MacBook laptops are made with a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure on their external surface. Each model undergoes rigorous testing methods in Apple's Reliability Testing Lab to ensure customer satisfaction. It's worth mentioning that even though MacBooks are sturdy, users can still benefit from Apple Insurance in case of serious damage.

2. Powerful Battery

Battery backup is one of the critical form factors professionals look for in an ideal laptop. Apple laptops are equipped with a durable battery that can last for more than 18 hours without interruption, as proven by certain tests. This is particularly beneficial if you travel frequently and need access to a power outlet.

However, it should be noted that the battery life of a MacBook may be influenced by how it is employed. If you use intensive applications with the screen brightness set to maximum, the battery may deplete more quickly.

3. Better Security than Microsoft Windows

Apple laptops are renowned for their robust security features. The integrated T2 Security Chip provides the MacBook's encryption capabilities and hardware-level security. This means that data stored on the laptop is protected from potential intruders or malicious software.

The macOS also has several built-in security tools, such as FileVault, which encrypts your data with additional data integrity protection. Furthermore, Apple's iOS operating system is designed to protect user confidentiality by preventing apps from accessing vital account information without permission.

4. User-friendly OS

The operating system of macOS is known for its user-friendliness. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, even used the tagline "It just works" to promote their computers because of the OS's simple design.

The operating system on Apple laptops is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes it accessible for users with various levels of experience. However, Windows users may need some time to adjust to the interface of macOS. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry since most users can adapt to it easily.

5. Time Machine Feature

Accidentally deleting a file or making an irreversible change to the operating system can be a terrible feeling. Apple offers the Time Machine feature for MacBook users to address this issue. It helps manage files and relieve the stress and inconvenience that come with such mistakes.

The Time Machine is a backup system that saves files from a MacBook in the cloud. It allows users to restore deleted files or even roll back the entire system in case of an error. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who use MacBooks for critical work and cannot afford to lose their files.

What are the Cons of Apple Laptops?

Although MacBook has advantages, it is important to consider its downsides. You might also consider some disadvantages of an Apple laptop before paying for one.

1. More Expensive

MacBooks are generally more expensive than Windows laptops with comparable specs. This is because Apple products are generally more expensive than similar products from other brands. Some people believe that the quality of a MacBook makes it worth the extra cost, but others think that the higher price is due to the Apple brand. If your budget is a concern, you may want to consider looking at Windows laptops instead.

2. Not as Many Third-Party Software Options

Another downside of the MacBook is that there are fewer third-party software options available compared to Windows machines. This means you may have to stick to Apple's own offerings or look for alternatives, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

3. Fewer External Connectivity Options

MacBooks have fewer external connectivity options than some other laptops. For example, they do not support HDMI output, meaning users must use Apple adapters or a USB C port to connect their laptop to an external monitor or projector. Additionally, they lack an optical drive for inserting CDs or DVDs. This can limit your ability to access certain media files or back up data from physical discs.

4. Limited Upgradability

Because of Apple's focus on its ecosystem, upgrading the MacBook may prove challenging. Working with an Apple store to complete upgrades is necessary, and finding original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts could be problematic.

Although it's good to minimize the risk of errors by not swapping parts with incorrect components, MacBook is unsuitable for tech-savvy people who enjoy experimenting like Windows machines because the former offers less scope for customization.

5. Not Suitable for Gaming

If you enjoy playing games, there may be better choices than a MacBook. Although MacBooks are powerful devices, their custom operating system and peripheral devices limit the number of game studios that develop games for OS X. While there are several games available to play on a MacBook, you may be disappointed if you try to play the latest AAA game release on day one.


All in all, Apple laptops offer powerful computing capabilities and an attractive design. They are perfect for those who need high-end performance and are okay with spending more money on the latest features. However, they do have their limitations in terms of software options, upgradability and support. It is important to weigh all these factors carefully before deciding which laptop to purchase.

Pros and Cons of Apple Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Apple laptops worth the money?

If you're considering purchasing a MacBook, it's important to do your own research and consider what you'll be using it for, such as basic usage, programming, gaming, graphic design, communication, video editing, etc. However, based on their durability and performance, MacBooks tend to be a worthwhile investment.

Is Apple laptop better than other laptops?

If you prioritize solid construction and the MacOS operating system based on UNIX, then a MacBook is your best option. However, if you consider other factors, such as the overall ecosystem, Windows laptops are the better choice. Ultimately, the only reason to select a MacBook over a Windows laptop is if you prefer the familiarity of the Apple environment.

Is a Mac better than Windows?

Mac OS provides better value than Windows. Although Apple products are generally priced higher than Windows, they offer superior quality and performance. Mac computers are also more durable than Windows PCs because of their tight system integration and overall sturdiness.

Why Apple laptop is so expensive?

Most of Apple's machines use specialized parts customized through specific processes. This results in higher prices, as someone has to absorb the extra cost for Apple to maintain their profit margins. The increased demand for these parts and their production costs contribute to the higher cost of Apple products.

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