Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security

Home is the first place you would want full connectivity with multiple connections combined. Xfinity Home security is just another service provided by Comcast recently. It provides a wealth of personalized home security options, including cutting-edge smart home integration and automation features. Moreover, their plans are flexible and offer self-monitoring and professional monitoring without hassles. You can save more when you bundle Xfinity's internet, TV, and streaming services along with mobile phone service for your residence. But there seems to be something missing, and this guide is exactly what you need to check out.

Xfinity Home Features & Technology

The company offers several helpful features, including:

24-7 Professional Monitoring - Every Xfinity Home system comes with this incredible feature as the norm, making them slightly pricier than other systems on the market; however, it is precisely why these systems are worth every penny.

Battery and Cellular Backup - Even when the power goes out, your system and family are still secure thanks to a battery and cellular backup. Keep in mind that Xfinity Home employs broadband monitoring connection which, while reliable enough for most purposes, is not as fast or dependable as cell phone monitoring.

Smartphone Controls - You will gain access to the user-friendly Xfinity Mobile app with every system. From any part of the globe, you can check in on your home and be sure that everything is secure. This application is designed with convenience in mind; it may not be revolutionary, but its efficiency makes it worth mentioning.

Real-Time Notifications - Your camera's motion sensors can discern the slightest movement, and if any suspicious activity is detected, you will be notified immediately through your mobile app. In other words, you'll always have a head start in recognizing potential threats.

Video Monitoring - Xfinity is the perfect blend of convenience and security, as it provides an HD camera that can be used outdoors or indoors. Best of all – with their premium plan, you can store up to a week's worth of video footage in the cloud, providing coverage for up to four cameras.

TV Access - Gain complete command of your security and smart home automation system from the comfort of your own couch! You can use a TV remote or voice control with Xfinity X1's exciting new feature. Now all current subscribers have access to this convenient technology.

Smart Home Automation - Xfinity offers a variety of intelligent devices, such as the Zen Thermostat, an indoor or outdoor security camera, and a smart outlet controller. Coupled with third-party automation platforms that give you access to numerous state-of-the-art features, their products will provide superior value for your money.

Recently Updated packages 2023

Xfinity now provides three diverse and comprehensive packages tailored to fit your wants and needs.

Self-Protection - Starting at only $10/month, it offers 24/7 video recording and the necessary equipment to ensure security. All of these items are sold separately.

Pro Protection - Get ahold of professional monitoring 24/7 and protect what matters most. The plan starts at only $30 per month.

Pro Protection Plus - Offering 24/7 professional monitoring and uninterrupted video recording at only $40/mo – to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

What are the Pros of Xfinity Home Security?

Besides a range of attractive features for homeowners, Xfinity Home security technology has many benefits worth noticing. Some of them include:

1. Customizable Security Features

Xfinity Home allows you to customize the features of your security system according to what best fits your requirements. Its range of motion detectors, door and window sensors, HD cameras, thermostats, and more can be easily installed around your home for complete coverage. It also provides control panel access, making it easier for users to monitor their home security systems remotely using a smartphone or computer.

2. Affordable Plans

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you get to choose three different services; Base Home System staring with $15/mo, Complete Home System at $20/mo, and Ultimate Home System at $25/mo. You can get each service for the next 2 years paying at once.

You can choose from self-monitoring without any contracts or opt for professional monitoring services with 24/7 surveillance by certified agents and cellular backup with no installation fees required.

3. Installation Assistance

The company provides its customers with free installation services as part of their plans. Professional technicians can also be sent to your home to assist you with the setup process and make sure everything is working correctly. If you don’t have any idea how to set the system up, you’d definitely have a professional from the company to help you out. That probably makes it top the charts.

4. Smart Home Integration

The best part about Xfinity home security is that you can integrate any number of devices and equipment ranging from Cameras, thermostat, and outlet controllers. Xfinity Home has a wide range of integrated smart devices that you can use for seamless automation. You’ll have total control over lights, door locks, thermostats, and more from one convenient app on your smartphone or tablet.

5. Remote System Mobile Access

No matter wherever you are or how far you are from home, you can monitor home security systems remotely via a smartphone or computer. This means you can check on your home anytime, anywhere, and also receive real-time alerts when something out of the ordinary happens.

What are the Cons of Xfinity Home Security?

Despite the telecom company has an undisputed reputation, customers still face lots of drawbacks of Xfinity home security. These include:

1. Limited Service Areas

Xfinity offers services available in only 24 states of the Americas until now. This means customers from other states are not eligible to use their services. Check for the lists of areas where they offer services even before you decide to equip your home with smart security systems.

2. Compatible with only Xfinity Technology

The entire Xfinity technology range, including cameras, gateway units, and more, are compatible exclusively with Xfinity technology products and services (such as the internet). This makes it difficult for existing customers to upgrade or change the service they already have in place.

3. Poor Customer Service

It's no surprise; you can see tons of reviews by frustrated users about Xfinity. These reviews are mainly from existing users who claimed that the automated support systems don't get to the root cause of the technical glitches or that the agents are rude. Given that Xfinity serves millions of users, it's usual to expect poor service, especially during peak hours. If you signed up for their services lately, be prepared for that.

4. Potential False Alarms

That’s literally the problem with every Smart home security system. Xfinity Home’s motion sensors and other devices may trigger false alarms from time to time, which can be annoying if not addressed quickly. It’s best to double-check the area where your system is installed for any potential sources of false alarms before activating it.

5. Expensive Equipment

Even though the package for home security seems attractive at first, there are upfront charges you may have to deal with while adding motion detectors, cameras, smoke detectors, and other equipment.

The equipment provided by Xfinity Home security can also be expensive compared to third-party options available in the market. You have to be careful when selecting the package that’s right for them and make sure they get value for money. Call 1-800-Xfinity for further clarification.

Final Comments

Xfinity Home offers the ultimate bundle of security, smart home, and entertainment features. For those already using Xfinity for phone, internet, or cable TV services, there are even greater benefits; discounted monthly monitoring fees plus a single bill to cover all these areas. Enjoy the convenience of having your entire home's needs taken care of by one provider.

There are probably more suitable options for homeowners simply looking for a security system or desiring to self-monitor. Before signing up for the system, be certain you've read and comprehended all contracts thoroughly, including hidden charges.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xfinity security worth it?

Xfinity Home is a trusted home security system offering consumers outstanding protection and customer reviews. Although they lack equipment options and customizations, the company provides basic necessities for keeping your home secure with expert monitoring services.

Does Xfinity provide home security?

Xfinity Home offers comprehensive home security, equipped with professional monitoring along with cutting-edge technology from Xfinity WiFi. This system was even named the Best Professionally Installed Pro Protection System by CNET! So get your advanced and secure home monitoring today - because you deserve it.

How much is Xfinity Security system a month?

Xfinity Home Security offers three different plans for you to choose from that range in cost from $10 to $40 per month. With any of these options, you can rest assured knowing your home is safe and secure at an affordable price.

What security does Xfinity use?

Xfinity Internet customers can now benefit from Norton Security Online--completely free of charge. This software will help protect your computer, Mac and mobile device from any malicious online activity.

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